Activating your licence

Modified on Thu, 25 Oct, 2018 at 2:38 PM

To activate your licence you will need your Licence ID and Password which is emailed to you immediately after purchasing.

Make sure the relevant software package is installed onto your computer.

Run the software and an activation dialog will be displayed.

Select the Activate Online method and proceed.  Note you will need an active internet connection.

Copy and paste both your Licence ID and Password into the dialog window and press Activate.

If successful you will be able to use the software and if activating a licence for the first time you will be asked to register your details which helps us to deliver updates and support to you.

If unsuccessful, the following errors may occur:

5008 - Check your licence details.  Make sure you entered them correctly.

5010 - Make sure the Licence ID is for the correct ELEK software product.

5012 - The version of software you've installed and trying to activate is too old.

5013 - There are no more activation keys available for this licence.  You must deactivate your other licences or if you can't do this yourself then Email us.

5018 - Failure during deactivation due to the absence of any deactivations remaining for the Licence ID.  Your Updates and Support is likely expired.   Email us.

5107 - Invalid licence status.  Email us.

5022 - Invalid system clock time.  The user must correct the system time in order to continue.

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